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Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) congratulates the employees and engineering staffs of the Department of Electricity in Puducherry  Union Territory  who are on  indefinite  strike from 28th September onwards to resist the Central government’s recent move to privatize  the distribution and retail sale of electricity in the Union Territory Region. The strike has been spearheaded by the Joint Action Committee of the Employees and Engineers of Department of Electricity of Puducherry consisting of all Trade Unions.

The Central Government has been trying to privatize all its utilities since long- especially in the Union Territory Regions of the Country. Accordingly, the Central Home Ministry tried its first attempt to privatize electricity distribution utility in Jammu and Kashmir where it got a great beating from united movements of electricity employees and engineers. In the same vein Home Ministry again announced its plan to hand over the Electricity Department of Chandigarh Administration to the private corporate. Here people from all walks of life joined with Union Territory Electricity Employees’ and Engineers’ struggles against such anti-people privatization move and ultimately it was put on hold. 

Without paying any heed to such militant popular resistances that was raged against this anti-people policy of privatization, on 27th September, 2022, the Puducherry Union Territory administration, at the instances of Central Home Minister, announced its plan to sell 100% share of its company responsible for distribution and retail supply of electricity to the private by inviting tender. Against this anti-people privatization move, the entire electricity employees and engineering staffs of Puducherry are on indefinite strike and still it is successfully continuing. People in general and all opposition parties are coming in the streets in support of this ongoing struggle to save public electricity service in Puducherry.

CITU, while expressing its unflinching solidarity to the struggling Puducherry Electricity Employees and Workers, calls upon the working class in general and  all its affiliates in particular to stand in firm and to extend support to them who are fighting heroically.  

CITU urges the Central Government as well as the Government of Puducherry Union Territory to stop the privatization of Electricity Company forthwith.

Issued By
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

Labour Minister Statement in G -20 Meet: Just Public Relations Exercise While in Practice it’s otherwise

Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU) has termed the statement of Indian Labour and Employment Minister Statement in the G - 20 Labour & Employment Ministers ' Meet at Bali Indonesia as a Public Relation Exercise while in practice the Indian Govt is working quite opposite to it.

While the Minister has said the employment conditions of workers  have to be strengthened for a strong  and resilient post covid recovery the Labour codes enacted during covid lock down time in India shall  destroy the whatever meager employment conditions prevailed for all these years for the workers.

The so claimed social security code has in practice preemptively destroyed the cess based social security that was prevailing for the beedi workers and mines workers and has only left them at lurch. The employers are at benefit due to this social security code while the vast section of the workers will be really out of the social security net.

Minister's Statement has stressed for robust policies for employment generation, enhanced social protection, skill development and formalisation while obviously his govt is just doing the opposite promoting employment degeneration together with greater informalisation of the economy, degeneration of social protection and the entire degenerating process has been institutionalised by Labour Codes.

CITU strongly terms the ministerial statement as nothing more than a public relation posture by a hypocritical anti-people Govt.

Issued by
(Tapan Sen)
General Secretary


Saturday, 10 September 2022 15:25

Village Revenue Assistants Strike


The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) extending its solidarity to the ongoing Telangana Village Revenue Assistants (VRA) strike under the banner of Joint Action Committee (JAC) since more than 45 days supports the genuine demands of the JAC.

CITU further wishes to bring to your kind notice that the demands raised in the strike were all promised to be considered favorably and met by your good self earlier. The recent abolition of the Village Revenue Officers (VRO’s) Posts has shattered the only hope of these VRA’s for their regularization as Govt. Employees in the revenue department.  Before the present ongoing strike they have tried to appraise to the Govt their demands, but in vain. Thereby they are being constrained to resort to this strike action. As you are well aware more than 20 VRA’s have deceased in this period.

Hence the CITU urges the Govt to kindly intervene and initiate the process for fulfillment of their genuine demands.

Hoping for the solution to the concerned employees problem at the earliest

With Regards,

Yours Sincerely
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

Thousands of workers, peasants and agricultural workers who have gathered today in this historic National Convention at Talkatora Stadium in the National Capital at the call of CITU, AIKS and AIAWU on the 4th anniversary of historic ‘MazdoorKisanSangharsh Rally’ held on 5th September, 2018, unanimously decided to strengthen the unity of  these three class organizations and intensify joint combative actions against anti workers, anti farmers and anti people neo liberal policies pursued by ruling dispensation. The Convention called upon crores of workers, peasants and agricultural workers across the country to extend support and solidarity in all possible ways to each others' independent struggles and build strong direct joint actions.

This joint convention decided to hold  a massive militant mobilization of workers, farmers and agricultural workers in ‘Mazdoor Sangharsh Rally 2.0’ during 2023 budget session of Parliament. The convention asserted that the National Capital will witness the biggest ever mobilization of wealth producing classes in the history of independent India.  This joint convention also unanimously decided to conduct extensive joint campaigns from October 2022 to February 2023 to make the workers, peasants and agricultural workers combat ready to unleash offensive direct resistance struggles against the neo liberal policy onslaughts.

The presidium comprised of Comrade K Hemalata, President, CITU, Comrade Ashok Dhawale, President, AIKS and Comrade A Vijayraghaban, President, AIAWU. Comrade Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, Comrade HannanMollah, General Secretary, AIKS and Comrade B Venkat, General Secretary, AIAWU addressed the joint convention supporting the joint declaration of these three organizations. Comrade Debashish Basu (BEFI), Comrade Abhimanyu (BSNLEU), Comrade Parashar (CCGEW),Comrade Sreekumar (AISGEF), Comrade Bhatnagar (AIIEA), Comrade Amraram, Comrade Prakashan  Master, Comrade D Ravindran , Comrade Sumit Dalal and Sunil Adhikari of AIKS and Comrade Lalita Balan, Comrade Venkateswaran, Comrade Amiya Patra, Comrade Brijlal Bharti and Comrade  Vikram Singh of AIAWU addressed the joint convention. Leaders of Bank, Insurance, BSNL, Central and State government employees federations and other peasants and agricultural organizations also addressed the convention.

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) calls for the strictest possible punishment to be meted out to Seema Patra, the BJP leader from Jharkhand who has tortured her domestic worker for several years before she was rescued by the police. CITU demands that the National Human Rights Commission, the National SC-ST Commission and the National Commission of Women take suo moto cognizance of the matter and ensure that the tribal domestic worker, Sunita, gets justice of the highest order. She should be provided the best of medical treatment and receive the highest possible compensation. Measures should be taken to rehabilitate her.

Shocking details have emerged about the inhuman treatment given to Sunita. The fact that Patra happens to be a member of the national committee of the BJP MahilaMorcha, and is also the state convenor of the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign just shows what lip service the BJP pays to women’s rights! That it happened in the house of a former IAS officer also points to the callousness with which workers are treated by those who take the oath to uphold the Constitution of India. It is surprising that the police took a week to arrest Patra.

This case once again highlights the need for the government to put in place protective legislation for domestic workers, who are one of the largest sections of working women in the country, but have no recognition and rights. A large proportion of ‘live in’ workers are from the tribal community and subject to severe exploitation; some are also victims of trafficking. The BJP government refuses to ratify ILO Convention 189 which emphasises the rights of domestic workers and the need to bring them under the ambit of labour laws. Several draft laws and policies have been drafted and discussed both by trade unions and the government. But these remain on paper because the BJP government is dragging its feet on the issueas it is reluctant to ensure minimum wages and decent working conditions to the domestic workers. Apparently, most of those in power have the same mentality as Patra.

CITU calls upon all domestic workers in particular and working class in general to rise up in both in support of Sunita and for a comprehensive law that will provide domestic workers with minimum wages, social security and dignity of labour.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions denounces the Govt’s desperate bid to mislead and confuse the people on its brazenly anti labour policies through so called two-day minister-bureaucrats conclave held at Tirupathi and naming it as National Labour Conference through widespread deceptive media campaign.

The Minister-Bureaucrats conclave  comprising state and central labour ministers along with bureaucrats held at Tirupathi can no way be called National Labor Conference in which the biggest stakeholders in the world of work- the workers and their unions are kept out. Behind such deceptive projection of the Tirupathi Conclave as National Labour Conference by the central ministers including the Prime Minister lies the desperate bid of the Govt to cover up the truth : its failure rather reluctance to hold tripartite Indian Labour Conference during last seven years since 2015- which is supposed to be held every year.

This novel exercise by the Govt at the centre is meant for misleading the people through its campaign blitz-crig not by facts but by misstatements that too by highest person in the governance, on the rights and conditions of labour who are actually producing and generating national wealth but are being squeezed and subjected to immense deprivation and distress only to fatten the purse of handful of private corporate and impose the conditions of slavery on the workers.

The inaugural speech delivered virtually in the said minister-bureaucrats conclave claimed through enactment of Labour Codes “to have abolished laws from the periods of slavery”. Fact remains just opposite. Through these draconian Labour Codes, mostly enacted rather bulldozed during the Pandemic Lockdown period without any discussion in Parliament meticulously diluted and eliminated most of the rights and entitlement related provisions for the workers in the existing 29 Labour Laws.  Labour codes seek to impose conditions of slavery on the entire working people and empowering the employers’ class with a vengeance. Even in respect of changes of most of the substantive provisions of all the four Labour Codes, the executives have been empowered open-ended, trampling underfoot the entire democratic legislative process through Parliament.

Most of these repealed 29 labour laws, through the process of their enactment and subsequent amendments due to the struggles by working people provided for, despite many limitations and loopholes, certain basic statutory rights for the working people on minimum wages, job security working conditions, social security safety, migration etc including rights to organize and collectively assert and represent. All these rights and entitlements related provisions stand totally diluted and eliminated in Labour Codes just to benefit and empower the private corporate/big business employers’ class.

The tall claim of the Prime Minister in his inaugural address that the Labour Codes “will ensure empowerment of the workers through minimum wages, job security, social security and health security” is patently untrue.  Loud noise made in his speech and also in deliberations in the Conclave on so called Flexibility in working conditions is nothing but a dubious design to completely banish the concept of statutory working hours, minimum wage, social security etc, and thereby are exempting the corporate employer’s class from all their obligations in all those aspects, thereby laying down the foundation of virtual slavery in workplaces. The inaugural speech has been so much lavish on women workers rights and opportunities, while shamelessly evading the Govt’s obligation in implementing the consensus recommendation of Indian Labour Conference in according workers’ status along with the rights of statutory minimum wage and social security to several lakhs of scheme workers in Anganwadi, Mid-day-meal, ASHA and other Govt schemes predominantly women. Neither the Govt is caring for arresting consistent drastic decline in women’s Labour Force participation throughout the country across the sectors. Hypocrisy is demonstrated at its peak in the so called Tirupathi Conclave.

It is not without reasons that the entire trade union movement is unanimously demanding scrapping of this draconian Labour Codes. We shall continue united fight against their project of imposing of slavery on the working people and resist the nefarious designs of the corporate masters through their agents in governance.

Tapan Sen,
General Secretary  

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) strongly denounces the imposition of GST on the essentials of life of people in general and working class in particular and demands for its immediate roll back.

The workers and the common people who were already put to severe hardship and made to suffer with the ever increasing price rise due to the destructive policies of the Modi led government through its engineered price rise of petroleum products and domestic LPG are now further attacked by this offensive.

Never in the history of independent India were the essential food items like rice, wheat, pulses etc and dairy items like curd, paneer, meat, fish, jaggery taxed. The peoples own savings on withdrawal from banks are taxed with 18% GST on bank cheques. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Industrial Workers) as of now does not fully reflect the actual price rise during the current inflationary phase reflecting the ongoing systemic crisis. Given this situation the present imposition and hikes on the essentials of life also never get reflected in the index whereby the annual VDA appreciation for the Industrial workers,be it at state or central sphere,will never fully compensate the price rise. While this is so for the organised sector, the worst hit will be the unorganised sector workers who have no regular income and are dependent on their day to day earnings.

The workers, MSMEs, and the economy which is yet to recover from the Covid pandemic and lockdown-imposed decline will be further put to strains leading to further shrinkage in the expenditure. This will further lead to job losses and rise in unemployment. The BJP governments at the centre and states which are reluctant to increase minimum wages and stop job-losses are imposing further burdens on the people. This is nothing but adding salt to injury.

CITU calls upon the workers and the people at large to resist these blatant attacks on their lives through the imposition of GST imposition on essential items and the price hikes with all force with enmasse participation in the fortnight campaign from August 1st to14thand culminating in huge demonstrations on 14th August,on the eve of 75th year of Independence,throughout the Nation.

Issued by 
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

Saturday, 30 April 2022 14:15

May Day Greetings

Thursday, 28 April 2022 07:17

Halt the LIC –IPO

Centre of Indian Trade Unions strongly condemns the Modi government’s anti-national move of opening the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). This is nothing but a step towards privatisation of the LIC and handing over the more than Rs 38 lakh crore assets owned by its 29 crore policy holders.

Notwithstanding its pseudo nationalistic postures, the BJP government has succumbed to the demands of the global and domestic so called ‘investors’ who have been lobbying since long to swallow this largest public financial institution. It is to be remembered that LIC was created by nationalisation of private insurance companies with a meagre investment of Rs 5 crore by the government of India and today has not gained the trust of the policy holders but also immensely contributed to the nation building. The BJP government led by Modi is so desperate to serve its corporate masters that it has arbitrarily cut down the valuation of LIC to less than half to facilitate the sale of LIC shares for a pittance.

The LIC employees have been consistently opposing the IPO in LIC. Crores of people, including the policy holders, as well as eminent citizens and all progressive sections of society have signed the memorandum opposing the LIC IPO. Massive campaigns against the move are going on across the country, particularly Kerala where the ‘Kerala United to Protect LIC’, which includes people from all sections, is spearheading the movement. The move smacks of its insensitivity to the consistent opposition to the LIC IPO and reflects the infamous bulldozer culture that has gained prominence.  The LIC employees have declared two hour walk out strike on 4th May, on the day the IPO is being opened, against the government’s measure.

CITU extends full support to the massive movement against LIC IPO and stands in solidarity with the LIC employees and agents fighting the IPO-that is contemplated with the ulterior motive of privatising this premier institution of our country that has been serving our people and the nation

CITU demands the government to halt this process and calls upon all its members and the entire working class to strongly oppose the LIC IPO and also mobilise the beneficiaries and the people against this anti national measure. It reiterates its call to strengthen united struggles against the neoliberal policies of the BJP government led by Modi, of which LIC IPO is a part.

Issued By

CITU Working Committee meeting started its three day session starting from today – 22nd April 2022 to 24th April 2022 at Bhakna Bhawan, Chandigarh. In the sidelines of Working Committee meeting, the meeting of the Working Committee Tier of All India Cordination Committee of Working Women was held at Cheema Bhavan. Com.Mercykutty Amma , Vice – President of CITU, presided over the meeting. CITU General Secretary Com.Tapan Sen, delivered the inagural speech. The National Convenor Com.A.R.Sindhu presented the report. After the delebration the report was adopted. It was decided that 12th National Convention of All India Cordination Committee of Working Women, will be held at Kolkata on 21st and 22nd of May 2022. With the concluding speech of Com.Hemalata the Working Women Coordination Committee meeting ended.

The formal inaguration of the plenary session of CITU Working Committee started with the flag hoisting by the President Hemalata at Bhakhna Bhawan, Chandigarh followed by the floral tributes to the martyrs column and also to Com.Lenin portrait on his 152nd birth anniversary. Com.Tapan Sen, General Secretary CITU proposed the committes for the smooth conduct of the buisness of the working committee, the committeess are accepted by the all working committee members. Welcoming the  members, reception committee Chairperson Comrade Usha Rani emphasised on revolutinary leagacy of Punjab in general and Chandigarh in particular. She said after the formation of CITU IN 1970, Chandigarh was the fisrt place to hoist CITU flag in Pfizer pharma multinational company alongwith some other units, Chandigarh was the main centre of Trade Union Movement in Parwanoo, Pinjore, Surajpur, Panchkula etc, and center of great struggles of employees of Punjab, Haryana and central govt. employees. She reminded during days of khalistani terroism many of CITU leaders in Mohali, Kharar, Derabasi etc. were eliminited by terroists but CITU flag was kept high.

While delivering the Presidential address, CITU President Comrade K Hemalata  thanked Punjab State Committee of CITU for hosting and making very good arrangements for this important CITU Working Committee meeting. She congratulated the working class of the country, who have participated in the strike and the huge demonstrations, rallies, picketing, road and rail blockades despite the threats, intimidation and victimisation by the employers and the corporate servile governments. She thanked thank the SamyuktaKisanMorcha for reiterating their support to the general strike and calling for ‘Rural Hartal’. In several states, members of our fraternal organisations of peasants and agricultural workers, AIKS and AIAWU have actively participated in the campaign as well as the protest programmes on the days of the strike. She said, This strike on 28-29 March was the 21st country wide general strike after the official advent of neoliberalism in our country, in addition to innumerable sectoral strikes. What we need to introspect when we analyse this strike, is, how far have we, who have been in the forefront in the planning as well as executing all these strikes starting from the first one, have been able to raise the class consciousness of the working class of our country about the character of the present society, the need to change it and the role of the working class in it? What were the efforts that we have made towards achieving this and what are the results? Our examination of the strike should be on these lines. She added, This strike is part of the global struggles and strikes of the working class. Workers in almost all the countries in the world are fighting to improve their conditions and regain their hard won rights, which are under attack by the international finance dictated neoliberal policies followed by the pro corporate governments in their countries. Hemalata said, The world could not come out of the global crisis of 2008-09 when the Covid pandemic struck and pushed the world into deeper crisis. Job losses, falling incomes and deteriorating working conditions for vast majority of the toiling people has brought down their purchasing power. Neo-liberalism’s prescriptions ostensibly to address the crisis but meant for profitmaximisation, themselves, create conditions for a protracted capitalist crisis. Their focus on intensifying exploitation of the working people fails to improve the purchasing power of the people, depresses demand and curtails growth. 

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