National Convention of Workers organized by the Central Trade Unions call For Nationwide General Strike on 8 January 2020

The National Open Mass Convention of Workers organized by the ten Central Trade Unions namely INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, LPF, UTUC, independent federations and associations of various sectors including some independent unions called for a nationwide General Strike on 8 January 2020 against the anti-worker anti people anti-national policies of the Modi-2 Government.
The national economy is slowing down. The adverse effects are already being felt by the workers in unorganised as well as organised sectors in the form of large scale retrenchment and closures. In the name of the recession, the Central Government is taking steps such as reducing corporate taxes, and giving them big bonanza to the tune of Rs.1.45 lakh crores from the national exchequer while not a single penny is spent to ensure job security or employment allowance to the workers. The government measures are supply-side, when all the economists are unanimous that the crisis is on the demand-side.
While the Central Trade Unions are jointly demanding a national minimum wage of Rs 21000/- pm, pension to all, scrapping of NPS and restoration of the old pension scheme, control on price rise in essential commodities and for universal public distribution system, demanding generation of new jobs and filling up of sanctioned posts, regularisation of Scheme Workers in Government posts, of contract workers working against regular posts, ensuring equal pay for equal work, strengthening of Welfare Boards for Unorganised Sector workers, increased budgetary provision for MNREGA and agriculture, that will put money in the hands of the toilers and give boost to the economy, the Central Government is pushing codification of Labour Laws, allowing Fixed Term Employment, privatisation of PSUs, allowing 100 percent FDI in railways, defence, coal and other sectors,  bank mergers and so on, that will lead to massive redundancies and extreme exploitation of workers. Now the Central Government has started reducing the contributions that the employers have to pay under the Provident Fund Act and the Employees State Insurance Act, justifying the move saying, this will increase the take-home pay of the workers. The Government openly states that these steps are being taken in the name of “ease of doing business”. The Government boasts that India’s ranking is going up in the World Bank Index of “Ease of doing business”. All this is being done at the expense of the working people.
The workers from all these sectors have repeatedly warned the Government against these retrograde steps, even by going on massive strikes.  The Government persists by using diversionary tactics of raising emotive non-issues to divide the people and haunt the minorities. The Convention pledged to fight theses communal and divisive forces.
The Convention has taken stock of these policies pursued by the Central Government and taken a decision to organise a country-wide strike on 8th January, 2020 in support of the above demands. An extensive campaign throughout the country will be carried out in the meantime, holding joint sectoral conventions, state-level conventions, going right down to factories and bastis to make the strike a grand success.
The convention was presided by Shyam Sunder Yadav(INTUC),Ramendra Kumar (AITUC) C A Rajasreedhar(HMS), Dr. K Hemalata (CITU), R K Parasar (AIUTUC),G R Shivshankar(TUCC), Lata (SEWA), Sarabjeet Singh (AICCTU), V Subbaraman(LPF)  Satrujit Singh(UTUC), and addressed by Ashok Singh (INTUC), Amarjeet Kaur(AITUC), Harbhajan Singh Siddu(HMS),  Tapan Sen(CITU), Shankar Saha( AIUTUC), G Devarajan (TUCC), Sonia(SEWA), Rajeev Dimri(AICCTU),  M Shanmugam,MP ( LPF) and N K Premachandran MP( UTUC)
Issued by 
A R Sindhu, 
Secretary CITU for 
        INTUC                     AITUC                    HMS                     CITU                       AIUTUC
          TUCC                SEWA                      AICCTU                     LPF                    UTUC
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