Homage to Comrade Kumar Shiralkar

Centre of Indian Trade Unions pays respectful homage to Comrade Kumar Shiralkar, ideologue and one of the tallest leaders of the left movement, a leader of agricultural workers and tribals in Maharashtra. He was 75 yrs. He died yesterday, 2 October 2022 at a hospital at Nashik. He was fighting cancer since 2019.

Comrade Kumar Shiralkar left his job as an engineer, in early 70s and started organizing the tribals of north Maharashtra founding ‘ShramikSanghatana’ as the name suggests, with a class perspective. He was jailed during emergency. He started organizing the agricultural workers in early 80s and was the State Secretary of agricultural workers union, Maharashtra. He was the joint secretary of AIAWU for a long time. He worked closely associated with the CITU in Maharashtra. He has done studies on the plight of sugar cane workers of Maharashtra.

With in depth understanding in Marxist philosophy, he stood firm in ideological struggles with a strong class orientation in the movement. He has authored two books and numerous articles on diverse subjects. He was committed to the cause of Dalits and tribals and has written profusely on the subject.  He has also helped the CITU, Maharastra in cadre education.

A committed revolutionary, he has led an exemplary simple life. Even when he was ill, he stayed among the tribals in the village.

His death is a great loss to the trade union and progressive movement in Maharashtra. CITU expresses heartfelt condolences to his family and comrades.

Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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