Lakhs of workers storm Delhi Workers' three days "MAHAPADAV" calls for preparation of countrywide indefinite strike, will organise "JAIL BHARO" in January 2018 last week before the Central Budget

The historic three days’ ‘mahapadav’ of workers near Parliament, led by the joint trade union movement ended in the evening of 11th November by calling upon the working class of the country to intensify, heighten and broaden the joint struggle to force the reversal of the anti worker, anti people and anti national policies of the BJP led government at the centre.

Towards this direction, the ‘mahapadav’ reiterated the Declaration of the national joint convention of the trade unions held on 8th August 2017 calling upon the working class to prepare for a country wide indefinite strike if the BJP led government failed to take any positive measures on the 12 point charter of demands of the entire trade union movement.

Lakhs of workers from all over the country representing all the sectors of our economy have participated in the ‘mahapadav’ and demonstrated their anger against the policies of the BJP led government at the centre. Even after the ‘mahapadav’ was over, huge processions of hundreds of workers were reaching the Parliament Street, as the trains they were travelling in were delayed by several hours. Thousands of workers had to return back from the railway stations in their states as several trains were cancelled.

The central trade unions congratulated the working class of the country for their overwhelming and enthusiastic response to the unprecedented ‘mahapadav’. The exemplary discipline exhibited by the workers from different states and industries belonging to different organisations during the entire duration of the three days ‘mahapadav’ was highly significant. The massive participation of women workers, not only scheme workers but from different sectors, and young workers was another significant feature.

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