The National Convention of Workers calls For yearlong programme of action to expose Anti worker, anti people, anti national policies of the Government at centre


The National Convention of Workers held today on 30th January 2023 on the martyrdom day of Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi at Constitution Club Annexe, New Delhi began by paying rich tributes to Gandhi ji for his sacrifice for the unity and harmony of the people of different religious beliefs, languages, and cultures.

The convention was presided by ten member presidium. They included Amit Yadav from INTUC, Binoy Viswam from AITUC, Raja Shridhar from HMS, Dr K Hemlata from CITU, R Parashar from AIUTUC, G R Shivshankar from TUCC, Lata ben from SEWA, K K Bora from AICCTU, Rashid Khan from LPF, Shatrujit Singh from UTUC. The leaders of almost all Sectoral National Federations were present in the convention. The participants were from almost all sectors of economy informal/unorganised, formal/organised, and self employed/own account Workers etc.

The declaration in English and Hindi was well received by the delegates to keep up the pace of activities (the declaration attached in Hindi and English). Beginning with the organisation of state/district/Sectoral levels conventions for adoption of programmes to be carried in states, to take out statewide jathas culminating into statewide mahapadav on 9th August, the Quit India day.

The leaders who addressed included Ashok Kumar Singh Vice President INTUC, Amarjeet Kaur General Secretary AITUC, Harbhajan Singh General Secretary HMS, Tapan Sen General Secretary, CITU, Rajinder Singh Working Committee member of AIUTUC, K Indu Prakash Menon President of TUCC, Sonia George National Secretary SEWA, Rajiv Dimri General Secretary of AICCTU, Shanmugam General Secretary LPF, and Ashok Ghosh General Secretary UTUC. 

They were emphatic in their resolve to fight back labour codes, policies of privatisation of PSUs, sale of national resources and assets to the Indian and foreign corporates, subjugation of Indian economy to international finance capital in detriment to Indian self reliance, sovereignty and independence. They exposed the efforts of Indian government to defend crony Capitalists and demanded for probe into the allegations and exposures of Adani companies made by Hindenburg research report. Quoting the latest Oxfam report, they explained about the growing disparity and inequity making the life miserable for common masses.   

The govt. which failed on all fronts to deliver on the promises is now allowing the forces of communal hatred and polarization under various pretext to divert the United agitations of workers, farmers and other sections of the society from their pressing issues of livelihood and survival. It is undermining the secular democratic ethos of our society by using all democratic institutions to stifle the voice of opposition to the government policies. 

The convention resolved that the workers under their unions would fight to safeguard the national unity and harmonious living and with all its might would move to defeat these policies in the National interest. 

The convention adopted the Declaration unanimously and resolved to resort to nationwide strike action in the end of the year.


      INTUC                     AITUC                    HMS                     CITU                       AIUTUC

        TUCC                SEWA                      AICCTU                     LPF                    UTUC

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