Com. N.M. SUNDARAM Passed away

The Secretariat of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in session in New Delhi expresses its shock over the sudden demise of Com. N.M. Sundaram, one of the senior leaders of Indian Trade Union movement and especially that of the Insurance Workers Movement today on 26.12.2017 at Chennai. He was 80.

Com. Sundaram, had led the All India Insurance Employees Association, in various capacities including that of the General Secretary for Sixteen years and President for six years. He had played a major role in the struggle of the Indian Working people against privatization and other disastrous impacts of neo liberal economic policies. He was a prolific writer and orator and had written articles and books on various aspects of neoliberal economic policies.

CITU pays its homage to the memory of Com. Sundaram and also conveys condolences to his family members and to the Comrades of AIIEA.

General Secretary

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