Protest RSS- BJP hooliganism and attack on democracy in Tripura

Protest the brutal attacks on trade union activists
Protest attacks on Left cadres and offices

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) strongly condemns the brutal attack on the left activists and offices in Tripura being unleashed by the RSS- BJP hooligans just hours after the results of the Tripura assembly elections are out.

The BJP which has aligned with the separatist forces and used money and muscle power to win the elections has unleashed a reign of terror on the members and supporters of the left parties and CITU, attacking their houses and offices throughout the state. Over 1500 houses were attacked. Hundreds of people were injured in the attacks. Hundreds of houses were set on fire. Hundreds of offices were attacked and captured. The attacks are still continuing.

These attacks are attacks on democracy. They once again demonstrate the utter contempt of RSS and the BJP for democracy and democratic institutions. They expose the anti national character of these organisations which had no qualms in joining the separatist forces to come to power.

CITU demands that the concerned authorities intervene immediately and stop these heinous attacks on democracy at once.

CITU stands in solidarity with its cadres and with the cadres, rank and file of the left and democratic organisations who are bravely resisting these attacks. CITU is confident that the left and democratic forces who braved the terrorist, extremist and separatist forces in the past would defeat these forces of terror with the massive support of the people this time as well.

CITU calls upon all its affiliated unions and members, and the entire working class to protest these attacks on democracy. It urges them to join enmasse the solidarity actions being organised across the country by the left organisations and democratic peace loving people.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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