The Centre of Indian Trade Unions expresses serious concern over the continuing physical attacks and violence unleashed on the migrant workers from Bihar, UP and other states working in Gujarat by the parochial and divisive forces with the BJP Govt in the state remaining a virtual indulgent spectator.  

No doubt, the incident of alleged rape on child is condemnable and the guilty should be punished, which is essentially the responsibility of the state government. But making this incident a plea for organized attack and witch-hunt on the entire community of migrant workers in Gujarat speaks volumes about the divisive and parochial policies and politics being practiced in the state by the ruling polity.  This is utterly condemnable.

Already more than 50000 migrant workers were forced to leave Gujarat during the span of last one week or so. The exodus is continuing.  While the policies being pursued by the government are the culprit for lack of employment generation and loss of employment, witch hunt and attacks against the migrant workers in Gujarat are being carried out with the slogan of “locals are deprived of job opportunity because of the migrant workers from other states”. It is to be noted that divisive and parochial entities like Thakore Sena and others nourished and promoted by the same brand of politics and policies are the ones raising such slogans.

CITU condemns such violence and attacks on the migrant workers in Gujarat and demands upon the state government to take immediate measures to contain such continuing violence by all means and deal the perpetrator organizations carrying on such violence on the migrant workers in the state.

CITU also calls upon the trade unions irrespective of affiliations including those in Gujarat to protest and oppose such violence and attacks on the workers and come forward in defending and protecting the migrant workers in the state from the onslaught of the parochial and divisive outfits.

Issued by

Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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