Resolution in support and in solidarity With the on-going farmers movement

This General Council meeting of CITU, being held in Hyderabad on 16-18 November 2021 noted the historic development since September 2020.

Taking cover of Covid pandemic, when the people have been fighting for the protection of their lives, Modi government passed in the Parliament, without discussion, voting and in absence of the opposition 3 black farm laws and remaining 3 labour codes and having Presidential assent on the black farm laws and labour codes within record 7 days. These were followed by massive privatisation drive including Government departments and NMP; communal division through CAA-NRP; and ban on strike through CDS Act, use of UAPA, British Raj made sedation Act and undermining civil liberties, democratic norms and institutions.

Against these attacks, historic movement also started led by workers peasants unity by the Joint Platform of the Central Trade unions and SKM since 26 November 2020 with the workers general strikes and industrial actions; and farmers struggle lifting at higher plane at organisational, movemental and political levels and building joint workers-peasants-people’ struggle.

On this occasion of this General Council meeting, underling the importance of these development and the historic farmers struggles, calls upon the workers to rise up and extend full support and solidarity action with the farmers struggle and build joint movement with them.

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