CITU Condemns the Brutal Midnight Crackdown by the State Police in West Bengal on Peaceful Hunger-strike by Eligible/Qualified Candidates for Teachers’ Posts Demanding Justice  


The Centre of Indian Trade Unions(CITU) empathetically condemns the TMC Govt. of West Bengal for unleashing brutal midnight police crackdown 19th October on Teachers eligibility test(TET) qualified protesters on Hunger Strike For Justice  

West Bengal TMC Govt has become a bedrock of monumental job scams since its inception, every teachers recruitment examinations are marred with allegations of selling teachers jobs in lieu of kickbacks, hundreds of crores have been looted by luring aspiring job seekers, denying eligible qualified educated candidates, who are direct victims of such humungous corruption by the state govt and involved officials. The former education minister, bureaucrats, administrators of education department have been arrested in  job selling scams, crores of money in the form of hard cash have been seized from tainted ministers and their close aides.

Primary TET qualified aspiring teachers have been staging peaceful demonstration in Salt Lake’s Karunamoyee since long; since last week, they started indefinite hunger strike from 18th October, 2022.  TMC Govt. of West Bengal didn’t pay heed to their legitimate demands of recruitments. Education department was reluctant to even starting a meaningful dialog with them to resolve their just demands. The brutal vindictive face of TMC Govt. in the state came out with fangs and claws as the Govt pounced upon the qualified aspirants demanding justice through series of vindictive coercive actions.  On Thursday midnight  a large police contingent was stationed at protest site, during the midnight police resorted to brutal crackdown on protesters injuring many; police started bodily lifting the candidates, protesters were beaten up and detained and locked up in different police stations in the state.  Even the women candidates and their kids were manhandled by male policemen. On Friday morning left students and youth organisations assembled there to hold a peaceful rally condemning the brutal police actions, they were also forcibly thrust and arrested.

CITU strongly condemns such brutalities and undemocratic crackdowns by the West Bengal Govt. against the TET qualified candidates for exercising their constitutional right to protest, that too demanding their legitimate appointment.  CITU also extends whole hearted support and solidarity to the TET qualified person’ struggles braving the barbaric atrocities and calls upon the working class of Bengal to stand in solidarity with qualified candidates’ movement for their legitimate and just demands of recruitments.

Issued by
Tapan Sen 
General Secretary 

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