Resistance & Defiance: Incredible Victory to the Maharashtra Striking Workers


Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) Congratulates the Striking Electricity Workers and Engineers of Maharashtra for their incredible victory. It was a face to face combat between workers and corportate. Resisting and Defying the pro-corporate Government’s atrocious and destructive moves including the vindictive invocation of draconian MESM Act 2017, the Strikers have emerged victorious. Under immense pressure from all corners, the Deputy CM & Energy Minister of Maharashtra, Sri Devendra Fadnavis has publicly promised to roll-back the proposed granting of parallel license to Adani Group.

More than 86,000 workers and employees of Maharashtra State Public Electricity Companies were in historic 72 hours Strike from 4th January 2023 mid-night. The Maharashtra electricity sector practically was paralyzed by the shock of Strike. And the Govt. had to bow down.

This magnificent victory of the Striking Maharashtra electricity workers has proved that determined valiant struggle of the electricity like Strategic sector workers could put a bridle to these anti-people actions of the current authoritarian Modi-BJP regime.

Strikingly in yesterday’s press meet, the Deputy CM, Maharashtra has proposed for a separate electricity distribution company for agricultural consumers. CITU apprehend that it will heavily affect the cross-subsidy mechanism and will pave a path for the Govt. to do away with agricultural electricity subsidy. It is a clandestine back-door project to squeeze the peasantry. CITU strongly opposes this.

Despite this massive victory, CITU urges upon the struggling workers to keep a strong vigil over the latest development on Govt’s next move.  CITU calls upon the people of the Nation and all its affiliates in particular to uphold and internalize the glorious experience of Maharashtra movement and build massive struggle against the draconian Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 - Roll back the Bill with immediate effect.

Issued By
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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