Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) strongly condemns brutal police crackdown by Haryana Police forces at Punjab Haryana border on the protesting farmers in their march to Delhi to press for their legitimate demands including legal guarantee of MSP. The farmers were attacked on 13th February, 20224 at two border points in Haryana-Punjab border, they were brutally lathi charged, they faced tear gas shells, some dropped by drone.

 To stop these marching farmers entering into Delhi, the security forces are taking an unprecedented war like preparation by erecting concrete barricades, iron nails, barbed wires in the Delhi borders. At this juncture, Modi led BJP government once again exposed their class interest by refusing to legal entitlement of MSP. After having held several rounds of talks with the farmers, Union agricultural minister Arjun Munda made it clear that announcing a guaranteed MSP will not be possible.  CITU recalls the emergence of historic farmers movement and formation of SKM was a result of the united struggles of farmers movement against the now repealed three anti farmers pro corporate farm laws, which was actively supported by central trade unions. The united farmers movement spearheaded by SKM compelled the Modi Government to repeal the farm laws but the corporate communal regime at centre later betrayed the farmers by refusing to accept the major demands including legal entitlement of the MSP.

 CITU denounces the brutal police actions on farmers and demands upon the central government to immediately implement recommendations of Swaminathan Commission including the legal guarantee of MSP. SKM and CTU have been in the persistent struggles against the anti farmers anti workers anti people  destructive policies of the Modi led BJP government. On 16th February SKM-CTU once again will have nationwide massive militant joint action on basis of 21 point charter of demands that were formulated at the historic first ever joint convention of SKM-CTUs on 24th July, 2023.

 CITU extends its solidarity to the protesting farmers, CITU also appeals to the all sections of farmers and agricultural workers, all organisations of farmers to actively participate in the call for 16th February nationwide joint action.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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