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CITU Condemns Murder of Gauri Lankesh

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) strongly condemns the brutal murder of noted journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh in front of her residence in Bengaluru yesterday. She was a critic of the communal forces of RSS.

This murder is the latest in the series of murders of rationalists like Govind Pansare, Narendra Dhabolkar and M.M. Kalburgi by these communal divisive forces to create terror against criticism of the Hindutva communal forces and among minorities.
CITU conveys its condolences to her family and colleagues. CITU demands of the Government of Karnataka to immediately arrest the culprits and unearth the conspiracy to silence the voices of reason.
CITU calls upon its members and the working class of the country to protest against this heinous crime and attack on secularism.

Issued by
A R Sindhu

CITU welcomes the majority judgment of the Supreme Court on the talaq e bidat type of triple Talaq. The Supreme Court pointed out that talaq e bidat type of triple talaq was arbitrary and was not intrinsic to Koranic tenets. The judgment is a step forward in the struggle for the rights of women.

This is a victory for the decades’ long struggle against the instant and arbitrary form of divorce through the talaq e bidat. Many Muslim women and democratic women’s organisations have played the leading role in this struggle. Many countries with Muslim majority populations do not have this practice.

CITU believes that this judgment will strengthen women’s struggle for their rights and for reform of personal laws of all communities to suit the present situation.

Issued by
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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