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Responding to the united call of CITU, AIKS and AIAWU; countrywide campaign; and following the 9 August united action of Jail Bharo; lakhs of workers, peasants and agricultural workers, men and women, poured in the national capital, New Delhi, from all parts of the country, from almost all states and union territories; despite rains, floods and huge sufferings; by all available transports; to join the historic Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Rally in front of the Parliament; and to submit a workers, peasants, agricultural workers, unemployed youths and the people’s 15 point charter of demands for basic needs and rights; and also to give a clear message to Modi government of the gathering storm of people’s anger which will rest only after uprooting this government of aggressive neoliberal policies with divisive agenda; and to carry future struggle for a New India for the People of India.

Estimated around 20 crores of workers in all sectors and in all states and union territories in the country joined the 2 days nationwide workers general strike on 8-9 January, 2019 in response to the joint call of 10 central trade unions – CITU, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, AIUTUC, AICCTU, TUCC, UTUC, SEWA and LPF; and of almost all independent national federations of all sectors of employees. Only exception was RSS-affiliated BMS, which deserted the trade unions’ joint platform just on the eve of first general strike on 2 September 2015 after BJP assumed power at the Centre. However, their workers in large number joined 8-9 January strike in several sectors in different parts of the country. 

Saturday, 13 April 2019 11:00


The Centre of Indian Trade Unions is deeply shocked and grieved at the demise of comrade Bamapada Mukherjee, the legendary leader and one of the architects of the working class movement and also the Left movement in Asansol-Durgapur industrial belt since early fifties. He breathed his last today on 13th April 2019. He was 98.

The demise of comrade Bamapada Mukherjee, Bamapada-da, as he was being popularly called by one and all, signals the end of an era—the generation of pioneering leadership who contributed immensely in founding the movement and militant organization of emerging modern working class centering round coal, steel, aluminum and other industries in the entire industrial belt, braving brutal atrocities of the employers as well as state administrations and through the martyrdom of several comrades in that process of building organizations and movement.

Starting his life as a steel worker himself under the-then private ownership, he played frontline role in developing organization and movement of both coal and steel workers and also contributed immensely in building all India federations of coal and steel workers.

He had been the driving spirit of the united struggle against privatization of IISCO, Burnpur/Kulti, and the struggle could be carried forward despite numerous hurdles and finally succeeded.

The passing away of com Bamapada Mukherjee, whose entire life had been an eternal source of inspiration for the united struggle of the working class, is a great loss to our movement and for all of us.

The CITU submits its respectful salute to the memory and contribution of com Bamapada Mukherjee , one of the stalwarts of working class movement and conveys heartfelt condolences to the comrades and his family members.

Com Bamapada Mukherjee Red Salute.

Tapan Sen
General Secretary 

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 07:48

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