CITU Extends Support to ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 25th September 2021

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) welcomes the call given by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), for ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 25th September 2021, intensifying their struggle for the repeal of the three anti farmer farm laws, Electricity Amendment Bill and for legally guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP). It calls upon the entire working class to extend total support to the ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 25th September.

The two day national convention of SKM, the joint platform of over 500 kisan organisations across the country, attended from over 2000 delegates from 22 states unanimously decided to intensify and expand the struggle.

CITU appreciates the initiative taken by the SKM to involve the trade unions, organisations of the agricultural workers, students, youth, women etc whose lives, livelihoods and basic rights are under attack by the policies being pursued by the BJP government led by Modi. Different sessions of the two day convention focussed on the specific issues of the workers, agricultural workers and others. The convention unanimously adopted resolutions on their issues, including against the labour codes and privatisation. This lays the ground for widening the struggle in the coming days.

The joint trade union movement and particularly CITU have been, from the beginning, extending solidarity including active physical support to the ongoing struggle of the farmers on their most genuine demands.

CITU condemns the autocratic behaviour of the government of India and its refusal to concede the demands of the farmers, in its bid to corporatise our agriculture to benefit its cronies. CITU also strongly condemns the oppression unleashed by the BJP government in Haryana against the farmers peacefully demonstrating in Karnal, which has led to the death of a farmer. The Modi government is highly mistaken if it thinks that it can suppress people’s struggles through such high handed measures.

CITU once again reiterates its support to the farmers’ struggle and calls upon all its affiliated unions, state committees and industrial federations as well as the entire working class to support the ‘Bharat Bandh’ on 25th September 2021.

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Tapan Sen                                                                       
General Secretary

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