CITU Functioning in Industry-wise Federations in India

The CITU associated with eleven industry-wise federations operating in India. They are:

1) Steel Workers Federation of India
2) All India Plantation Workers’ Federation
3) Water Transport Workers’ Federation of India
4) All India Coal Workers’ Federation
5) Construction Workers Federation of India
6) All India Road Transport Workers Federation
7) Electricity Employees Federation of India
8) Sugar Workers’ Federation of India
9) All India Jute Workers Federation
10) All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers
11) All India Beedi Workers Federation.

Besides these CITU affiliated Industrial Federations, there are a number of Industry-wise Federations functioning in the country in various important industrial sectors, service sectors and Government sectors like Insurance, Banking, Oil and Petroleum, Chemical Fertilizer, Defence Production, Pharmaceutical Production & Marketing, Confederations of Central Government Employees, Federation of State Government Employees which are not affiliated with any central trade union but represent hundreds of thousands of workers. These Federations participate and contribute in big strength in the struggles of the working class in the country. Now amongst the leadership of these Federations there are important leaders who function in close coordination with CITU and these Federations are thus having close intimate organisational relations with CITU and hence can also be reckoned for counting the overall influence of CITU in the trade union movement of the country.

It is important to mention that the CITU has effective organisational presence in all the major industrial and service sectors in the country through different organisational structure apart from the federations noted above. The major sectors may be identified as Coal, Electricity, Steel, Heavy Engineering, Construction, Electronics, Oil & Natural Gas – production, refining and marketing, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Rail, Road, Air & Water Transport, Port & Docks, Telecommunications, Textile, Financial & other service sectors, Plantation etc.

The CITU’s understanding and perception about the whole idea of industry-wise all India federations has been to develop a unified common understanding on the approach and outlook and also to develop an organisation of the workers of the particular industry, on the basis of which a stronger countrywide movement can be launched. Further such Federations can play in developing the level of industry-wise countrywide consciousness of the workers of the respective industries and also address problem of uneven organisational development within the industry.

Our industry-wise Federations have played very important role in building up united struggles in different industries. CITU’s strength has considerably increased among the mass of the workers in the industries including the core and strategic ones.. CITU’s initiative have become much more pronounced in formulating the line and strategies of united struggles in different industry-wise struggles. Today any major industry-level united struggles cannot be even conceived of without active initiative and participation of CITU.

Some of the Federations working in public sector undertakings have recognised status in bipartite wage negotiations committee. They have also ties of friendship with several foreign trade unions working in their respective industries and participate in international T.U conference.

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