Huge Raise in Diesel Price for Bulk Buyers : Another attack on Public  Transport System : CITU

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) condemns the  hike of Rs.25 per litre of diesel for the bulk buyers. CITU opposes it vehemently as it is  another attack on the State Transport Undertakings and other bulk users, the burden of which will be passed on to the mass of the people using public transports and such other services.

The BJP Govt at the Centre which is all through imposing burdens on the people has initiated this another hike which shall be an unbearable burden with already spiralling prices all around eating into the common people's earnings. It will further worsen the lives of ordinary people with Transport costs also rising enormously in the current phase of stagflation.

It is another form of attack on the Public sector undertakings, particularly on Public Transport Undertakings as a part of its multi dimensional offensive to dismantle the public sector as a whole through privatisation or its new avatar Asset Monetisation Pipeline. 

The CITU urges the Modi Govt to ensure withdrawal of such a massive hike immediately. 

CITU appeals to all the  public transport workers and mass of the people to join the forthcoming General Strike on March 28th and 29th and make it a success as a befitting reply against this  price raise and in defence of Public road transport.

(Tapan Sen)
General Secretary

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