CITU condemns police atrocity on Plantation Leaders in West Bengal. Release AIPWF General Secretary UNCONDITIONALLY

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) condemns the brutal police action on All India Plantation Workers Federation (AIPWF) General Secretary and CITU National Working Committee Member Comrade Ziaul Alam who was arrested in a heinous way on 16th August 2023 night, at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

In a nefariously conspired move, the Trinamool Congress goons attacked our Trade Union and other fraternal Mass Organisation offices at Jalpaiguri on 16th August 2023 evening. They planned to vandalise and loot our offices which were valiantly resisted by our trade union comrades along with students and youths. Many of our comrades were brutally attacked and injured, many are hospitalized.

Instead of arresting the culprits, the TMC led police force came heavily upon our comrades, manhandled and arrested 5 of our activists along with Comrade Ziaul Alam.

CITU condemns the notorious police action of West Bengal administration, which has mutilated all democratic scope and constitutional rights of people of Bengal. CITU demands that the West Bengal Police Administration should immediately release the leaders unconditionally and arrest the TMC Hooligans behind this barbarous act.

CITU calls upon all its constituents and fraternal federations to rise in rage and register their protest at every level against the barbarous attack on trade union leaders and democratic forces of West Bengal.

Release AIPWF General Secretary Ziaul Alam
Release our Leaders
Arrest TMC Hooligans
Stop brutal Police Raj and Restore Democracy in West Bengal

Issued by
(Tapan Sen)
General Secretary

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