Organise mass protest against passing M.V.Act (Amendment) Bill 2016

The draconian M.V.Act (Amendment) Bill 2016 which is anti-people and anti-worker is placed in Lok Sabha for discussion.Itwas not in thebussiness list yesterday night. The Bill is going to be passed in a hurry without proper discussion. It aims to hand over the core road transport sector to big corporates rendering loss of job to lakhs of motor workers. This sector is in deep crises due to wrong policies of Modi Govt. All STUs will be closed. Private buses have to face stiff competetion and will be eliminated.Autos, taxi, truck workers livelyhood is in danger. Driving School,workshop and spare parts shops will be closed. The powers of State Govts.will be taken by Union Govt.In the light of facts it is requested to organise strong united protest actions nationwide on8.4.2017 by all motor transport workers.

Press Release by K.K. Divakaran, General Secretary, AIRTWF & National Secretary, CITU 

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