9th April 2015

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions condemns the barbaric killings of 20 labourers in the Seshachalam forest in Andhra Pradesh by the AP Police on 7th April 2015 in the name of encounter with sandal-wood smugglers. CITU calls upon the workers and the trade unions to raise their voice of protest against such police-brutality.

As the information and reports pouring in media, the so called encounter is a completely fake one. Labourers hired for cutting wood were killed in cold blood by the state Police to camouflage and cover-up their failure to contain the increasing menace of smuggling of red sanders. This is simply inhuman as well as heinous on the part of state administration that their abject failure to contain the smuggling or capture the smugglers is being sought to be camouflaged by brutal killings of the poor labourers hired for cutting woods in the forest.

CITU demands a judicial enquiry in to the incident of such heinous killings and demands upon the State Government to pay adequate compensation to the families of the victims of police brutality.

Issued by

Tapan Sen 
General Secretary

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