CITU demands to forego the cancellation charges in the wake of CORONA

Cronavirus has become pandemic one. The entire humanity is desperately battling against its catastrophic impact globally. India also has its own share of vulnerability and impact- so far two persons were reportedly died and scores were reported positive in the test, quarantining them is also going on war footing. Thus, it has heavily disturbed the normal course of daily life of the people. Many state governments have declared that the educational and other institutions would remain closed till March end and extension of this period is also uncertain. Similarly some companies and manufacturing establishments have also rescheduled their production plan. On the apprehension of its rapid spreading and as precaution, many state governments have proclaimed virtual ban on the locomotion of people from one place to other. Accordingly peoples are cancelling their travel plans.

CITU expresses its concern and solidarity with those who are experiencing the hardship with this pandemic virus and calls upon our affiliates to join the all preventive and awareness efforts wherever that are undertaken and required. In addition we are urging all the passenger aircraft companies and railway authorities to forego the cancellation charges, in the event of cancelling their travelling plan in the wake of cronavirus imminent danger. CITU urges the Central Government to take appropriate measures in this regard immediately.

Issued by:
Tapan Sen
General Secretary

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