CITU Congratulates the Greek workers of Telecom and Call centre sectors for their successful strike action

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) a class oriented Trade Union confederation representing more than 7 million workers and an affiliate of WFTU, extends its international working class solidarity to the striking Greek workers of 4 big companies in the sector Telecom Sector, Call Centers & Teleperformance who goes on strike today, 8th February, 2024 demanding a hike in wage to mitigate the inflationary downward pressure on real wage.

The strike was democratically decided with active participation of mass of the workers in these sectors in an open meeting held in the regional trade union centre of Piraeus. Earlier the striking workers submitted their memoranda to the management of Teleperformance but they didn’t accede to the just demands of the workers. Teleperformance has given no pay rises since 2010 while the cost of living has skyrocketed. The experiences of criminal negligence to the demands of workers have been same in WebHelp, TTEC and Foundever. In this situation, the workers of the 4 big companies in these sectors go for strike action today with united voice.

CITU fully supports the just demands of striking Greek workers and demands upon the Greek Government to intervene in the favour of the workers of these sectors in negotiation with these big companies. CITU once again congratulates the striking workers of the sectors of Telecom, Call centres and Teleperformnace for their successful strike actions and calls upon its affiliates and members and also the entire fraternity of the WFTU within the country and abroad to organise solidarity actions.    

Issued by
(Swadesh DevRoye)
National Secretary, CITU & 
Head of International Affairs

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