Wednesday, 14 April 2021 09:26


The Centre of Indian Trade Unions extends full support to the ongoing strike by the state transport workers in Karnataka (KSRTC) demanding immediate settlement of their long-overdue wage revision. The workers and their unions made all efforts to resolve the issue through more than a year long persuasion with the concerned authority and the Govt. But nothing did happen owing to negative approach of the authority concerned towards the genuine and legitimate demands of the workers which compelled them to go in for strike action.

Most unfortunately, the BJP Govt and the concerned authorities of KSRTC run by the Govt, instead of resolving issues through bipartite dialogue/negotiations with the striking workers and the unions, have resorted to repressive measures to break the strike and victimizing the workers in an authoritarian manner. Prohibitory order against the strike has been imposed and different sections of workers throughout the state are being threatened with victimization and also private transport agencies are being sought to be utilized to break the strike. But no initiative has been taken either by KSRTC management or the Govt to initiate discussion on the legitimate demands of the workers for resolving the long pending periodical wage revision.

Workers, trade unions and the people at large in Karnataka therefore extended support to the striking workers which is being demonstrated through solidarity agitations by the trade unions and democratic people at large in every district of the state.

CITU demanded upon the Chief Minister of the State to intervene urgently to ensure that all prohibitory/repressive/vindictive actions are withdrawn and also initiative is taken to open discussion with the striking workers and their organizations with a positive approach to resolve the issues to the satisfaction of all concerned.

 Issued by
( Tapan Sen )
General Secretary