Workers and Farmers Unite to Safeguard National Interests

The meeting between the representatives of the Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and the Samyukta Sangharsh Morcha of farmers held on 22nd January congratulated the farmers and their organisations for their determined struggles on their just demands. The meeting paid homage to the farmers who lost their lives during the course of the protests.

It is more than 58 days since lakhs of farmers have been protesting at the borders of Delhi braving cold, rains and inclement weather demanding repeal of the three ‘black’ farm acts and withdrawal of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2020 and legal guarantee for MSP for all crops along with assured government procurement. The meeting appreciated the firm unity and resolve displayed by the farmers’ organisations in the midst of the government’s vilification campaign branding the farmers as Khalistanis, terrorists, etc, using the ‘godi’ corporate controlled media and its troll army.

The meeting deplored the use of NIA, ED, Income tax department and imposing criminal cases to threaten and intimidate the leadership of the agitation and innocent farmers. It demanded that the Central Government take cognizance of widening support to Kisan agitation, stop delaying tactics and accept the just demands of the Farmers graciously at once.

The meeting also appreciated the active support and solidarity expressed by all sections of people, particularly the workers and the trade unions, who have been in the front line in solidarity actions across the country. Thousands of workers are participating in all the protest actions called by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha all over the country and actively campaigning in support of the farmers’ demands. Thousands of workers are getting ready to participate in the Kisan Parade on 26th January at the national capital and in different parts of the country.

The meeting emphasised that the growing unity of working class and the farmers in the fight against the three farm acts, four labour codes, privatisation and sale of  national assets and loot by the corporate, and in defence of democratic rights is historic and in the interest of the entire nation. It was decided to further strengthen the unity of the workers and farmers and intensify their struggles. It was also decided to explore the possibilities of joint struggles against the anti people policies of the NDA government in the future.

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